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(No Discount Codes or Vouchers apply)

Nights of Lights Tour

$40 for adults & $12 for kids | 1.25 hours | Book Now, Fills Up Fast! | Blackout Dates Apply | Use Code "LIGHTS20" for 25% off

***Please note: Our 5:45 tours are family-friendly for all ages.
Our 7:30 & 9:15 tours are BYOB - No children under 8 on the 7:30 tour
and Adults Only on the 9:15

National Geographic has selected The Ancient City, one of the top-10 places in the world to see Christmas lights, for over a decade! Each year, more lights are added and the Nights of Lights Festival becomes more and more popular. Why struggle, maybe for hours, to find a place to park and then walk to see just a few blocks of lights? Step aboard the White Pelican and let us take you downtown like you've never been downtown! The reflections on the water appear to double the number of lights in the city, while the fresh night air in the bay makes some of the best restaurants on the east coast, smell even better! Book your spots early, because this 10-week season fills up fast.


Dolphin Odyssey & Sightseeing Tour

Now $26, was $39 | 1.5 Hours | Family Friendly

Cruising up alongside a pod of Atlantic Bottle Nose Dolphin that choose to make St Augustine their home, even makes the crew giddy and we do it every day!

There’s something exciting, yet very calming, about watching these beautiful creatures glide through the water, in perfect formation, in groups of anywhere from two to ten. Often we see mommas, with their babies following alongside, so close you’d think they’re attached.

If we find them just right, when they’re feeding, we might catch a glimpse of one 6-8 feet in the air, often with a fish in their mouth! They are in the wild, however, so finding them is not guaranteed (96% success), but seeing great sights and hearing great stories is!


Sunset BYOB Cruise

Now $28, Was $39 | 1.5 Hour Cruise | Adults Only

Bring your own beverages, kick back, and relax with a cold one and let us show you St. Augustine from OUR point of view! As the shadows get long and the sun sets behind the skyline, you'll feel the stresses of the week slipping away and you'll find yourself right at home on the spacious deck of the White Pelican.

We hope you understand that our sunset cruise is best enjoyed by grown-ups. Adults only please.


Full Moon Cruise B.Y.O.B. Tour

Now $24, Was $39 | 1.25 Hours | B.Y.O.B. Cruise | Adults Only

There are few things in this world as beautiful as the moon glistening off of the waters of Matanzas Bay. Come cruise with us and see for yourself how this view puts a whole new perspective on the scale of our position on this earth, while the crew of the White Pelican regales you with tales of where the moons got their names. Adults only, please.


4th of July Fireworks

$40 per person - No Discount Codes or Vouchers | Online Booking Preferred | 2 Hour Cruise
Book NOW - Seating is Limited to 32 passengers - Starts at 8:30PM!

Join us with the "Best Seat In The House" for the Matanzas Bay July 4th Fireworks Display. Bring Your Own Beverage and we'll provide snacks.


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